Green is not just our favorite color; it has been our philosophy from the start, at the core of everything we do. HON is always innovating on behalf of planet Earth. Innovations like Comold® that divert 10,000 tons from landfills annually.
Comold, compression molded seat and back components, made from 100% recovered wood fiber are used extensively in HON seating products. Using secondary wood material saves thousands of trees per year and diverts tons of waste from landfills. Comold exemplifies HON’s “Lean Leads to Green” philosophy.
Soy-based Foam
Soy-based foam is increasingly used in many of our most popular chairs. Soy foam promotes reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The quality and durability of soy foam is comparable to traditional petroleum-based upholstery foams.
Recycled Counterweight
HON converts waste material from a local steel plant called mill scale into counterweights, instead of using large amounts of heavy steel plate. This helps minimize the environmental effects of our manufacturing processes and the carbon footprint of our products.
Paint Reclamation
The HON Company’s waste-reduction efforts extend to the paint we use on our products. Our powder coat finishes are applied in a special chamber that continuously collects any excess paint particles. This collected paint is then mixed back in and used on components in our production.
Fabric Recycling
The HON Company minimizes fabric waste by using precise, computer-guided cutting machine. However, some fabric scraps are inevitable. We collect our scrap fabric and turn it over to a company that shreds it for use in “shoddy” – a fibrous material predominately used in the automotive industry. Annually, we recycle 200-300 bales of fabric scraps – keeping 1,000 lbs. of fabric waste per bale out of landfills.
Packaging Innovations
For years, The HON Company has been working to reduce the amount of packing material delivered to our customer sites. Our Bulk Packing, Multi-Pack and ComPack options consume fewer raw materials, reduces the carbon footprint for shipping, and decreases the amount of shipping material our customers must recycle or send to landfills.