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The Right Chair Matters 
The Right Chair Matters

Every body is unique, which means we all need a chair that easily adjusts to provide a personal fit, as well as support how and where you work. HON has translated over 65 years of industry experience into a premium chair choosing application. By answering a few basic questions in the HON Chair Chooser, you will receive the best recommendations for your preferences and needs.

Step 1. Pick the Right Chair

The HON Chair Chooser is the perfect matchmaker for you and your next chair.

Step 2. Test Out HON Product

Try a chair, feel fabrics and finishes or visit our showroom - we're here to help!

Step 3. Define Your Look

Deck out your chair with the fabrics, base colors and options that make it yours.

A Well-Balanced Workplace

When people succeed, so do their businesses. Since talent is the most vital asset for any business, why aren't more spaces designed to support the changing tasks of today's workers? We can help you identify workplace goals, align spaces with needs, and add solutions that support change, increase comfort, enhance productivity, motivate people and drive innovation.