Coordinate Height Adjustable Base


  • Coordinate Height
    Adjustable Base

    Same great product, amazing new name!

    We understand the ergonomic benefits of height adjustable workspaces...
    We love how HON's height adjustable base coordinates with our systems and desks...
    So, we think we should call it what it does - Coordinate!
    Let us reintroduce you to Coordinate, our height adjustable base.

    Supporting the increasing popularity of sit-to-stand workstations, Coordinate Height Adjustable Bases deliver a healthier style of working by allowing a seamless transition between sitting and standing throughout the day. Because the human body wasn’t meant to sit for hours on end, standing allows the body to circulate blood and oxygen while regulating blood pressure and increasing the ability to focus while combating fatigue. Incorporate standing-height worksurfaces into any open or private office plan, or training spaces, and start promoting a healthier way to work.​​

  • Height adjustable Table
  • Rise to Any Occasion

    Each Coordinate Height Adjustable Base is designed to work with any HON worksurface to give anyone in workstations and private offices a much-needed change of pace and posture. The 3-stage column design extends the total range beyond the typical 2-stage design. This makes the bases ideal for supporting a variety of users and work styles in offices, breakout spaces, collaborative areas and training rooms.

  • Coordinate bases have turned the corner

    The new Coordinate 3-Leg base for corner configurations gives people more control over their posture and their space. This 3-stage base can support a single corner cove or two separate worksurfaces, which creates the flexibility to work in open plan workstations or private offices.

  • Height adjustable Table
  • Height Adjustable Table
  • Height Adjustable Workstations

    The beauty of Coordinate Height Adjustable Bases is in their simplicity and durability. Each base is able to quickly and easily attach to a HON worksurface, and can even be retrofitted to existing worksurfaces. The tubular steel frame and motor have met rigorous testing standards to ensure a high performance work environment for years to come. Backed by the HON Full Lifetime Warranty, you can rest assured that your investment is guaranteed to pay off.

  • Expand the possibilities

    The Coordinate Height Adjustable Base includes a telescoping feature that supports HON worksurfaces from 48"W to 72"W. The frame also spans heights from 23 5/8” to 49 ¼” including the worksurface thickness. All these features in one single model – to expand your possibilities.

  • Height adjustable Table
  • Purpose Training Areas
  • Controlling Options

    The optional memory controller with digital display moves the worksurface to one of four preset levels, making it easier to achieve consistent worksurface heights when used in rows. The standard controller moves up and down nearly 26" to any desired height.