• Arrange with Confidence
  • Arrange with Confidence.

    Today’s workers are attracted to places away from their workstation, whether it’s a formal meeting space or a casual open area. To maintain productivity throughout the office, people need worksurface space to take notes, as well as the ability to power up and stay connected. Arrange tables provide the technology support and convenience people crave. The collection also supports the needs of business owners by providing the flexibility to create any desired configuration, then rearrange quickly as needed.

  • Wherever Work Gets Done.

    Arrange tables are available in a variety of heights, worksurface shapes and sizes to support private offices, common areas and collaborative settings. Find a quiet spot to brainstorm in a small group. Grab a beverage away from the desk. Arrange tables provide the perfect change of scenery.

  • Cambia Arm Options
  • Arrange with Style
  • Arrange with Style.

    Arrange takes style and selection to a higher level. This versatile collection of tables can be specified to achieve any desired aesthetic and support any activity.

  • Customize Your Selection.

    Arrange tables are available in seated, café or counter heights and a variety of tabletop shapes and sizes to support virtually any need. Choose Aluminum X-bases, T-leg bases or add an optional Disc Shroud base for a crisp, clean look. Also, route technology directly to the tabletop with option USB or power grommets.

  • Arrange Customize your selection