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    Comfort is experienced, not perceived. An office chair layered in bulky padding may look comfortable, but it also looks… well… bulky. Technology has helped make everything slimmer, trimmer, and more streamlined—from TVs to mobile phones. Nucleus brings the same sophisticated, high-tech aesthetic to office seating without sacrificing comfort. Most recently, with the addition of the NEW fully upholstered back of the work chair, the Nucleus Series continues to deliver innovative material inspiration.

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    • Healthier Hospitals Initiative

  • Stackability

    Nucleus provides a coordinating selection of stackable, light scale multi-purpose chairs that easily stack up to four-high. Opt for casters or glides, with or without arms and it’s the perfect guest chair for lobbies and private office reception areas.

  • Perfect Perches

    As sturdy as they are elegant, Nucleus café height stools offer a new perspective on occasional seating. Pair them with high tables in collaborative work areas, line them up at counters in cafes or break rooms, or use them anywhere practical, short-term seating is needed.


    • Nucleus
    • Pressure Points

      Nucleus has fewer points of concentrated pressure (red zones) than you'll find with other seat constructions. Red zones are bad. They lead to muscle strain and constricted blood flow. Bottom line: You sit on other chairs. You sit in Nucleus.