HON Chair Chooser Help

Overview of HON's Chair Chooser

Your body is unique. You need a chair that easily adjusts to fit you, your preferences, how you work, where ever you may work. The HON Company has translated over 65 years of industry experience into a chair choosing tool. The process is simple. By answering a few basic questions, you will be presented with our best recommendations for your use. So go ahead, and Choose a Chair!

Select Application

Where will you use this chair?
Choose an area from the navigation bar to begin.

Behind a Desk

Private, closed-door space designed for focused individual work


Open area supporting multiple workers (cubicles)

At a Table

Group discussions around a central table for formal meetings


Flexible space to support group training and learning opportunities

Break Room

Informal area for staff breaks and/or preparing or eating meals


Small group meetings in a private office setting; typically found in larger, executive offices

For Visitors

Entry point to an office; waiting areas designed to host a variety of visitors


Guest seating near desk or side table in private offices


Guest seating near or between desks in an area supporting multiple workers (cubicle)


Room and spaces that are easy to convert to serve multiple collaborative functions within a building


Answering all questions delivers the best results. Feel free to select more than one answer if multiple solutions meet your needs.

1. How long will you use your Chair?
1 - 3 Hours: Occasional use typically for visitors or use in a multi-purpose room
3 - 5 hours: Moderate use in areas like conference or training rooms
5+ hours: Extended use for people who spend their day behind a desk in an office or workstation

2. Which look do you prefer?
  • Leather
  • Fabric
  • Mesh
  • Wood
  • Plastic

3. What features are you looking for?

Back (Adjustable | Fixed | No Preference)
Adjustable: Chair back moves up and down to deliver lumbar support. Chair reclines to maximize personal comfort.
Fixed: Back stays comfortably in one place.
Arms (Adjustable | Fixed | No Arms | No Preference)
Adjustable: Allow a user to find a natural position that comfortably supports the wrists, forearms, shoulders and neck.
Fixed: Arms stay in place to provide added comfort.
No Arms: Provides user with a great range of motion and allows chair to easily fit under any worksurface.
Seat (Adjustable | Fixed | No Preference)
Adjustable: Allows the seat to be positioned forward or backward to achieve maximum comfort. Seat and back recline to provide comfort and stability.
Fixed: Seat stays comfortably in one place for consistent comfort.

4. What is your price* range?
$ $300 or less
$$ $600 or less
$$$ $800 or less
$$$$ $801 or more

*Price is noted per carton.

Pricing in this tool is reflective of HON suggested retail price (list price). For an accurate price, please contact your HON dealer.

5. What is the reason for your purchase?
  • Replacing a broken/worn chair
  • New space
  • First time chair buyer
  • Growing company


Congratulations! We have recommended a chair based on how you answered the questions. At the bottom of the screen you will see one to three other recommendations we have chosen for you. From the right hand side of this screen you will see the following buttons:

Download: Generate a PDF that provides a summary of your recommended chairs features, helpful copy and a photo of the chair best selected for you.

Your Chair on hon.com: Learn more about your recommended chair by viewing more information about your chair located on hon.com.

Watch Video: Learn more about your recommended chair by viewing a functionality video or HON animation.

Explore Color Options: Visit hon.com to customize your workspace with HON's vast selection of Fabrics and Finishes. From high-durability fabrics to bacteria-resistant healthcare vinyl, we offer hundreds of practical solutions. In colors that are sure delight you.

Find a dealer: Locate a dealer to assist you in learning more or purchasing your recommended chair. Visit the Dealer Locator on hon.com and search for a HON dealer in your area by zip code or city/state.

Email Selection: Share your results from the Chair Chooser tool by emailing a link of your recommended chair to the recipient of your choice, whether it is a friend, HON dealer or colleague.

Configure Now: Configure your chair with your choice of fabric and other options to customize the perfect chair for you.

Share: Tell the Facebook community about the chair that is recommended for you by sharing this chair on Facebook.

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Thank you for using the HON Chair Chooser!​​