Our Philosophy

More than just a company motto or slogan, our philosophy serves as a checklist for every desk, cubicle, table, filing cabinet and chair we design and manufacture—to make sure that our full line of smartly-designed furniture is durable, flexible and comfortable for every customer.

Our Environmental Story

For over 60 years, we’ve been committed to reducing our carbon footprint by practicing smart production methods such as using less packing material, minimizing fabric waste, as well as utilizing kenaf fibers and recycled wood from other furniture. Learn More About Our Journey

Durability is our Strength

Whether it’s classroom desks, office workstations or storage solutions, HON puts a ton of pride into making furniture that can endure the wear and tear you dish out. Plus, we back our furniture with a full lifetime warranty because we don't skimp on comfort and flexibility. Read this Case Study to learn more.

In Sync with Your Work

The landscape of today’s office and classroom continues to change with new technologies. That’s why we’ve created office furniture, teacher stations and student desks that anticipate and adapt to the next waves of high-tech products like the iPhone. View our SmartLink™ and Announce™ brochures to learn more.

SmartLink™ Classroom Furniture

HON gets high marks for designing and manufacturing flexible, durable classroom furniture that accommodates computers and other technology you use every day.